GBTC Fomo Panic Premium

It is rumored that GBTC price action leads the Bitcoin market. This indicator compares GBTC fomo/panic levels to the (Binance) BTC spot market. Fomo is measured as large percentage moves of the high price from the min over a look-back period. Panic is measured as large percentage moves of the low price from the max over a look-back period. A prime example of this indicator's usage would be as a sell signal confirmation during the 2020 pre-Thanksgiving panic exhibited on the 1-hour chart while the 20 EMA was still above the 99 SMA.

You can customize the leading and lagging markets and the length of the lookback period. I would love to hear what parameters, markets and timeframes work for you. Maybe there is a way to leave comments, or hit me up on Twitter: @thirdreplicator

May you profit and enjoy.


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