Hull Agreement Indicator

The idea for this script came when I studied how the Hull moving average should be used in trading, where I saw someone who used two HMA's, a longer and a shorter one, in a system in which he only placed an order if these agree on direction. This way he could pause trading when there is no direction (sideways movement). I look for a way to analyse range extensions in combination with volume expansions in combination with change of momentum. The idea is to depict momentum as a background color in this new indicator, called REVE, which I wil publish too. The purpose of this script is to show how the background colors are calculated and give users of the REVE a posibilty to tweak the length of the short and long HMA and to verify in the main panel of the chart that the colors are actually meaningful. To show how accurate this works I also put a MACD and the REVE in the sub panels of the example chart

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