Median Absolute Deviation Outlier Fractals

Core Concepts

Using Bill William's fractals (can be any types of pivots ), we want to find outlier fractals using the median absolute deviation (MAD). When the true range falls outside the specified threshold, it is counted as an outlier. These outliers tend to have significance. Prices usually react to those levels in the future, sometimes a single level and other times a cluster of them to create a zone.


  • The baseline determines the trend. Above baseline is uptrend and below is downtrend.
  • MAD length is how much data you want to use for the MAD calculation.
  • Deviation limit is the multiple of MAD from median figure to determine if the true range prices exceeds it and if it does we have an outlier.

  • The script is for informational and educational purposes only.
  • Any suggestions for improvement are welcome!


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