Levels Month

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A simple script to plot the High and Low of the Month.
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study(title="Levels Month", shorttitle="M",overlay = true)
width = input(2, minval=1)

// make changes to Time Frames here.
// Change "M" to "W" for Weekly high / low
xHigh = security(tickerid,"M", high[0])
xLow  = security(tickerid,"M", low[0])

plot(xLow, color=blue, title="L", style = circles, linewidth = width, offset=0, join=true)
plot(xHigh, color=red, title="H", style = circles, linewidth = width, offset=0, join=true)
Thanks for taking the time to share your excellent work! Really inspiring!
hao shen qi
FengQing FengQing
what is the indicate?
4X4good FengQing
This indicates, or plots the Highest price for the calendar Month, and the Lowest price of the calendar Month. During the current month, these levels can, and will adjust to reflect the new high and low for the current month, as they occur.
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