prior Price v2.8



リリースノート: Version 2.8.3 released.

1. It changed the plot style of High and Low price.
High and Low price of "the day before" and "Last week" will plot as "Cross-type". "Limit Momentum(限界運動量)" is also the same.
Whereas, Open and Close price of "The day before" and "Last week" will plot as "Circle-type".

2. It changed each Line widths.
In the case of High and Low price of "the day before", the linewidths is 2.
Whereas, in the case of "Last weeks" and "Limit Momentum", its linewidths is 3.

// What does "Limit Momentum" mean.
// How to use it?
"Limit Momentum" is calculated from each days Momentum (High - Low), and use the average. Basically, it is used for Contrarian Entry (Counter Trade).
After closed NewYork market (2 AM Japan Time - GMT+9), the trading volume will decrease critically. So, after this time, it is difficult to record NEW high and low price.
Especially, after the BreakOut of Limit Momentum, when there are important support or resistance, it has a good reason for countertrade.

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