RSI + BB (EMA) + Dispersion (2.0)

First version here

Initial data:

1) RSI
2) Bollinger Bands (Basis - EMA )
3) Dispersion (around basis)

Signal for purchase: RSI crosses the dispersion zone upwards
Signal for sale: RSI crosses the dispersion zone downwards
Buffer zone: white area, it is not recommended to make transactions.

--- Add (02.10.2018)

1) RSI lines (overbought / oversold) = 70 / 30. Сan be changed in the settings.
2) Alerts:
RSI line crossover Dispersion Zone (green)
RSI line crossunder Dispersion Zone (red)




Wow... well done
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Hi! Can you recommend a script to trade on timeframes 15 min - 1 hour in long?
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@evial, 21-25 RSI | BB ~ 100-200-364
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Bakusay Mr.Mozart
@Mr.Mozart, Can you recommend a script to trade on timeframes 1D? - 1 week?
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mineralmeee Mr.Mozart
@Mr.Mozart, could you clarify please, where is BB parameters in script for these volumes: BB ~ 100-200-364? Unfortynally couldnt find it..
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chiefnotti Mr.Mozart
@Mr.Mozart, what does this mean?
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Good Job and good indicator, what are the chart time frame is better results Sir? 5 minutes chart or 15 minutes or 1 hour, Thank you
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Mozart, mozhno li skachat' indikator, esli da - to kak?
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