[Sniper] SSL Hybrid + QQE MOD + Waddah Attar Strategy

Hi. I’m DuDu95.

This is the script for the series called "Sniper".
*** What is "Sniper" Series? ***
"Sniper" series is the project that I’m going to start.
In "Sniper" Series, I’m going to "snipe and shoot" the youtuber’s strategy: to find out whether the youtuber’s video about strategy is "true or false".
Specifically, I’m going to do the things below.

1. Implement "Youtuber’s strategy" into pinescript code.
2. Then I will "backtest" and prove whether "the strategy really works" in the specific ticker (e.g. BTCUSDT ) for the specific timeframe (e.g. 5m).
3. Based on the backtest result, I will rate and judge whether the youtube video is "true" or "false", and then rate the validity, reliability, robustness, of the strategy. (like a lie detector)

*** What is the purpose of this series? ***
1. To notify whether the strategy really works for the people who watched the youtube video.
2. To find and build my own scalping / day trading strategy that really works.

*** Strategy Description ***

This strategy is from "SSL QQE MOD 5MIN SCALPING STRATEGY" by youtuber "Daily Investments".
"Daily Investments" claimed that this strategy will make you some money from 100 trades in any ticker in 5 minute timeframe.

### Entry Logic
1. Long Entry Logic
- close > SSL Hybrid Baseline.
- QQE MOD should turn into blue color.
- Waddah Attar Explosion indicator must be green.

2. Short Entry Logic
- close < SSL Hybrid Baseline
- QQE MOD should turn into red color.
- Waddah Attar Explosion indicator must be red.

### Exit Logic
1. Long Exit Logic
- When QQE MOD turn into red color.

2. Short Entry Logic
- When QQE MOD turn into blue color.

### StopLoss
1. Can Choose Stop Loss Type: Percent, ATR, Previous Low / High.
2. Can Chosse inputs of each Stop Loss Type.

### Take Profit
1. Can set Risk Reward Ratio for Take Profit.
- To simplify backtest, I erased all other options except RR Ratio.
- You can add Take Profit Logic by adding options in the code.
2. Can set Take Profit Quantity.

### Risk Manangement
1. Can choose whether to use Risk Manangement Logic.
- This controls the Quantity of the Entry.
- e.g. If you want to take 3% risk per trade and stop loss price is 6% below the long entry price,
then 50% of your equity will be used for trade.
2. Can choose How much risk you would take per trade.

### Plot
1. Added Labels to check the data of entry / exit positions.
2. Changed and Added color different from the original one. (green: #02732A, red: #D92332, yellow: #F2E313)
3. SSL Hybrid Baseline is by default drawn on the chart.
4. If you check EMA filter, EMA would be drawn on the chart.
5. Should add QQE MOD and Waddah Attar Explosion indicator manually if you want to see QQE MOD.

*** Rating: True or False?

### Rating:
→ 1.5 / 5 (0 = Trash, 1 = Bad, 2 = Not Good, 3 = Good, 4 = Great, 5 = Excellent)
### True or False?
→ False
→ Doesn't Work on 5 minute timeframe. Also, it doesn't work on crypto.
### Better Option?
→ Use this for Day trading or Swing Trading, not for Scalping. (Bigger Timeframe)
→ Although the result was bad at 5 minute timeframe, it was profitable in 1h, 2h, 4h, 8h, 1d timeframe.
BTC , ETH was ok.
→ The result was better when I use EMA filter (only on longer timeframe).
### Robust?
→ So So. Although result was bad in short timeframe (e.g. 30m 15m 5m), backtest result was "consistently" profitable on longer timeframe.
→ Also, MDD was not that bad under risk management option on.

*** Conclusion?
→ Don't use this on short timeframe.
→ Better use on longer timeframe with filter, stoploss and risk management.

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