Multi Moving Average by Cbgbm788

【google translate】
I made it to combine Fibonacci and moving average line ( MMA ). It is a prototype.
We will check your current location roughly with the high price low against the last 200 bar and its Fibonacci 0.618, 0.382.
Candlestick and MMA will check the timing of trends, entries and exits.
リリースノート: 改訂

· Moving average line flux On / Off function addition
· Addition of offset On / Off function
リリースノート: \\\I am writing to correct the one using google translation. It may be a strange sentence.\\\

I added a line of numbers that are commonly used in harmonics.
1.272, 1.618, 2.24 (blue)
I added a line equal distance to the neckline commonly used in Head & Shoulder.
2 (red)
Only the newly added line is offset to the right by 200 bars, if the setting item's offset is checked.
The reason is that I wanted Fibonacci's line drawn over a long period to be on the current price.

The line width of MMA's 20 and 60 was slightly increased.