Harmonic Pattern Educational Volume 2 (Source Code)

This indicator was intended as educational purpose only for Harmonic Patterns using XABCD Pattern Tool.
This indicator was build upon Harmonic Trading : Volume Two, which was continuation from Harmonic Trading : Volume One and The Harmonic Trader, written by Scott M Carney.
Explaination was similar to previous build, build 0 and build 1.
Volume 2 introduce Harmonic Ratio Progression, which result new patterns such as 5-0 and Alternate Bat .

Indikator ini bertujuan sebagai pendidikan sahaja untuk Harmonic Pattern menggunakan XABCD Pattern Tool.
Indikator ini dibina berdasarkan buku Harmonic Trading : Volume Two, juga sambungan daripada Harmonic Trading : Volume One and The Harmonic Trader, ditulis oleh Scott M Carney.
Penerangan yang sama berdasarkan binaan lepas, build 0 and build 1.
Volume 2 memperkenalkan Harmonic Ratio Progression, membolehkan pattern baru seperti 5-0 dan Alternate Bat .

Indicator features :
1. List XAB=CD patterns including ratio and reference page.
2. For desktop display only, not for mobile.

Kemampuan indikator :
1. Senarai XAB=CD pattern termasuk ratio and rujukan muka surat.
2. Untuk paparan desktop sahaja, bukan untuk mobile.


1. Credits / Kredit
Scott M Carney, Harmonic Trading : Volume One

2. Pattern and Chapter involved / Pattern dan Bab terlibat
Bullish 5-0 - Page 79
Bearish 5-0 - Page 88
Bullish Alternate Bat - Page 103
Bearish Alternate Bat - Page 106

3. Code Usage / Penggunaan Kod
Free to use for personal usage but credits are most welcomed especially for credits to Scott M Carney.
Bebas untuk kegunaan peribadi tetapi kredit adalah amat dialu-alukan terutamanya kredit kepada Scott M Carney.


Alternate Bat
リリースノート: 1. Remove unnecessary code : fun_table_na()
2. Correction in FAQ : Harmonic Trading : Volume Two instead of Harmonic Trading : Volume One


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