Forex/Crypto/Custom Market Sessions

Credit goes to TradeMasterSavis for providing the original code

I merge the 2 sessions together allowing you to toggle between the two. I also add a 3rd custom session type and the ability to change the duration of each trading session. This would solve any problems ran into the case of Daylight savings time switch or if you just want different session duration.
Dec 28
リリースノート: Changed some lines of script so that is is easier to separate custom market sessions in settings menu
Jan 09
リリースノート: I added a 5th trading session, so you can now use that session as a "no trade zone" i.e. times where you know there will be low liquidity or unpredictable volatility.
Jan 09
リリースノート: I removed the clutter off my screen so you can see the indicator
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