QM Signal [TradingFinder] Quasimodo Pattern - Head and Shoulders

🔵 Introduction
One of the patterns in "RTM" is the "QM" pattern, also known as "Quasimodo". Its name is derived from the appearance of "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" from Victor Hugo's novel. It is a type of "Head and Shoulders" pattern.

🔵 Formation Method
🟣 Upward Trend
In an upward trend, the left shoulder is formed, and the price creates a new peak higher than the left shoulder peak . After a decline, it manages to break the previous low and move upward again. We expect the price to return approximately between and to form the "QM" pattern.

🟣 Downward Trend
In a downward trend, with a price decline, a new valley is created, forming the left shoulder, and the price forms a new valley lower than the left shoulder valley . After a price increase, it manages to break the previous high and move downward again. We expect the price to return approximately between and to form the "Quasimodo" pattern.

Note: The "QM" pattern is a specific type of head and shoulders pattern in which in the first move, the previous support is broken and it's the best condition for price reversal.

🔵 Entry Conditions for "Buy" and "Sell"
🟢 Buy

Buy Position: When a complete "QM" pattern is formed in a downtrend; we expect the price to reach the left shoulder area (with confirmation) during the retracement to enter the "BUY" position.

Profit Target in Buy Scenario: Expecting a move to the peak that broke it and the highest point in the current "Swing".

Stop Loss: Below the "Head," which is the lowest point.

🔴 Sell

Sell Position: When a "QM" pattern is formed in an uptrend, we look for entry into the "Sell" position as the price retraces to the left shoulder area.

Profit Target in Sell Scenario: Expecting a move to the price floor that has been broken and the entire "Swing" or .

Take Profit: Above the highest point or above the area will be the "SL" region.

Note: Certainly, no method alone guarantees trading capability and requires different confirmations. This indicator only detects the "QM" pattern, and the rest of the analysis will be the responsibility of the user.

Note: These profit and loss limits are based on market movements and will be provided as approximate and supportive.


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