Multi-Asset Month/Month % change 10yr Averages

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10 Year Averages of Month-on-Month % change: Shows current asset, and 3x user input assets

-For comparing seasonal tendencies among different assets.
-Choose from a variety of monthly average measures as source: sma(close, length), sma(ohlc4, length); as well as sma's of vwap, vwma, volume, volatility. (sma = simple moving average).
-Averages based on month cf previous month: i.e. Feb % = Feb compared to Jan; Jan % = Jan compared to prev year's Dec. Average of the last 10yrs of these values is the printed value.
-Plot on current year (2023), or previous year (2022). If Plotting on current year, and a month of year has not yet occured, a 9yr average will be printed.

/// notes ///
-daily bars in month is a global setting; so choose assets which have similar trading days per month. i.e. Crypto: length = 30 (days per month); Stocks/FX/Indices: length = 21 (days per month).
-only plots on Daily timeframe.

10yr Avgs; Plotting with Year = 2022; using sma(close, 21) as source for average M/M change
-updated to use Tables
-removed new scale right condition

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