Bitcoin Stock to Flow Multiple

this study plots the price of btc over the Stock to Flow Model value

idea credited to: https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/model...

my data is a bit off compared to the original source but overall it seems correct
リリースノート: updated to account for 1,000,000 lost bitcoins

this script is the bottom indicator in the chart.

It shows price as a multiple of Stock to Flow model value

Code only shows data accurately for Monthly time frame for some reason.
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Amazing work, pls check Plan B’s twitter as he has a solution to the data being a bit off
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Thanks for this script!

I published a fixed version of this:

According to pine script documentation you need to use := for variable reassignment + you can't use the security function inside and if statement. I also tried to use a normal string variable like timeframe = 'W' which gets reassigned through an if statement like var and use it in the security function, but you're appearently not allowed to do that either.

So I used the input function, which works.
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Great work. One question... what data source are you using to plot BTC price back to 2009?
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