*This script is an improved version of "Sessions_for_crypto" I made in the past.

・ Purpose of Sessions_for_crypto (old)
CoinCollege's article found that between September 1, 2019 and January 15, 2020, Bitcoin price movements tended to be the most driven by US time.
Japan time was the least active. This is similar to Forex.

Reference: Consideration on the time zone and day of the week when the Bitcoin market is easy to move (September 2019-January 2020)
Original title: ビットコイン相場が動き易い時間帯と曜日についての考察(2019年9月〜2020年1月)

・What makes this "High/Low" script different
The older indicator simply filled in the time zone.

However, this indicator grasps and describes the highest and lowest price of each time zone.
For this reason, it is easy to visually understand in which time zone the price movement was intense and trends.

Recommended period: less than 4h

Sessions can be changed manually.
The default values are as follows ( UTC ):
  • NY 1500-2300:1234567
  • Tokyo 2300-0700:1234567
  • London 0700-1500:1234567


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