Time Anchored Intraday High/Low Trendline

Oftentimes, intraday trendlines that are started at specific times, e.g. 8:00am or market open 9:30am, are well respected throughout the trading day.
This indicator draws up tp 3 intraday trendlines that are anchored at user defined times, respectively at the corresponding candle's high and low points.
From there, the line*s xy2 are connected in a way that all following candles are enclosed.
リリースノート: No change of script content - cleanup up example picture only
リリースノート: no change of script content - more chart cleanup as requested by TradingView
リリースノート: Trendlines will now be updated only after the close of a candle to better observe the price action around a trendline. This option is the default, but can be disabled for immediate update.

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