Custom Moving Average (EMA & SMA)

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This script is a custom visualization tool to plot 4 Moving Averages (MA).

Each MA is customizable; you can:
  • enable (disable) the plot of MA;
  • select whether the MA is an EMA or an SMA ;
  • the length;
  • the source (open, close, ...);
  • the offset value (default is 0).

  • The 1st MA is an EMA with length 50.
  • The others MAs are SMA with length 9, 30 and 100 respectively.
Now, you can choice the following type of averages:
  • EMA
  • SMA
  • VWMA
  • TEMA

TEMA is the acronym of Triple Exponential Moving Average.

The formula and calculation for TEMA is:
TEMA =3∗EMA1 − 3∗EMA2 + EMA3

EMA1 is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
EMA2 is the EMA of EMA1
​EMA3 is the EMA of EMA2
New version of script.

The Arnaud Legoux Moving Average (ALMA) is implemented. The ALMA indicator is a superior moving average as compared to the Exponential Moving and Simple Moving Averages.
The objective of the Arnaud Legoux Average is to minimize the noise and produce a more reliable signal than the conventional moving averages. The indicator (ALMA) removes small price fluctuations and also enhances the trend by applying a moving average (MA) twice, once from left to right, and once from right to left.

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