Hull MA TimeFrame CrossOver

Hello traders,
Although this strategy is configured on BTCUSDT , with a changing of settings, it can be used on any trading instrument.
Here it is seen, on the 2 hour chart. With Trading Fees included in result (adjust to suit your exchange fees).
The candle crossover is set to Daily timeframe .
That means that the Candle crossover is going to see if todays price is higher than yesterdays price.
If user sets this to 4 hour timeframe, the candle crossover would be when price is higher than the the price 4 hours ago...

The rest is simple, a moving average to detect direction, and an ATR StopLoss (if activated).
There is StopLoss and Take Profit settings which work by percentage.
The periods of the moving average and the ATR can be adjusted, as can the TP % and SL %.
The price is taken from the CLOSE or the OPEN or OHLC4 etc... which can be changed in the settings. OPEN is recommended to avoid repainting.
The moving average also has selectable types ( ALMA , SMA , EMA , WMA , HMA )

So if the Price is above the Moving average, and the moving average is above the alternate timeframe value, then a buy is activated
if the Price is below the Moving average, and the moving average is below the alternate timeframe value, then a sell is activated
if OPEN is selected as Price source, then the alternate timeframe value would be the OPEN of the alternate timeframes candle.

the values are all plotted on chart so user can see what is happening when what crosses over what, and then what changes when settings are adjusted.

Have FuN!
if this strategy brings you the epik win......
.... dont forget about me
seaside420 ❤️

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