PAI band (PP & ATR & IV)

価格がPAI bandに到達した時に、あなたが愛用している他のテクニカルのサインと合わせて使うのもいいでしょう。

3 resistance bands
○ Implied volatility
Average True Range
Pivot point
Use to display the boundaries that the price will reach on a daily/weekly basis.
You can consider entry/exit at a value position where you can expect superiority, avoiding discouragement in the half price range.
When the price reaches the PAI band, you can use it along with other technical signatures that you love.
リリースノート: バンドの表示・非表示を選択できるように改善。

Improved so that you can choose to show/hide bands.
Changed to hide when the top and bottom of the band are swapped.
リリースノート: ラインの表示・非表示を選択できるように改善。

Improved so that you can choose to show or hide lines.
With this, it is possible to display only IV and only ATR.
リリースノート: 特殊なシンボルに対応。

Supports special symbols.
(Example: 1/USDCAD, 0.01-USDJPY)
Since it can be set to other than the main symbol, band display of comparison symbols is also possible.
リリースノート: IVの代わりにヒストリカルボラティリティ(HV)を選択できるように改善。

Improved so that history volatility (HV) can be selected instead of IV.
リリースノート: ・日足より長期足で、一日のIV・ATRラインとバンドを非表示。





・The daily IV / ATR line and band are hidden for longer bar than the daily bar.

・The weekly IV / ATR line and band are hidden for longer bar than the weekly bar.

・The one-month IV line starting from the beginning of the month is extended.

・You can change the color and width of the pivot line. (On the parameter setting screen)
リリースノート: 1.短い時間足で、長期のピボットが表示されないバグに対応した。








1. Fixed a bug where long-term pivots were not displayed in a short time frame.
(We are inquiring about a bug in the trading view)

The drawing method for monthly pivots less than 4 hours and weekly pivots less than 30 minutes has changed.

2. Changed to be able to specify the session time.

You can choose to use the daily / weekly open price as the standard or the specified session time as the standard.

The session time depends on the broker of the chart to be displayed, whether it is GMT or EST or another standard.

3. Removed the average pivot display.
This is because the limit of the number of lines that can be displayed by one indicator has been exceeded.

Other bugs have been fixed.