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Enhanced Cumulative Volume Delta (eCVD) Technical Guide

The Enhanced Cumulative Volume Delta (eCVD) is a technical indicator in trading that measures the cumulative difference between buying and selling volume over a user-defined period. It helps in understanding market sentiment by showing whether buyers or sellers dominate.


  • Period: Number of bars for cumulative volume calculation (default: 14).
  • MA Period: Period for the moving average of eCVD (default: 20).

Volume Delta Calculation
  • Buying Volume (buyVolChange): Counted as buying volume if the current close is greater than the previous.
  • Selling Volume (sellVolChange): Counted as selling volume if the current close is less than the previous.

Cumulative Volume Delta (CVD)
  • Cumulative buying (cumBuyVol) and selling volumes (cumSellVol) are calculated.
  • Every period bars, these cumulative volumes are reset.
  • eCVD is the difference between cumulative buying and selling volumes.

CVD Moving Average
  • Simple Moving Average (SMA) of eCVD calculated over maPeriod.


eCVD Histogram
  • Plotted as a histogram.
  • Color Coding:
  • Green: Positive eCVD (more buying volume).
  • Red: Negative eCVD (more selling volume).
  • Black: No significant difference between buying and selling volume.

    CVD Moving Average
    • Moving average line (yellow) indicates eCVD trend direction and strength.

    • Trend Confirmation: Rising eCVD suggests an uptrend; falling eCVD suggests a downtrend.
    • Divergence: Opposite movements in price and eCVD can indicate potential reversals.
    • Volume Analysis: High eCVD values signal high trading activity, significant at market extremes.

    The eCVD can be used to analyze buyer/seller dynamics through volume. It should be used alongside other methods for informed trading decisions.
Enhanced Cumulative Volume Delta Indicator Update
We're excited to announce an update to the Enhanced Cumulative Volume Delta (eCVD) Indicator available for the trading community. This update introduces a customizable moving average (MA) feature, allowing traders to adapt the indicator more closely to their unique trading strategies and market analyses.

Here's what's new in the latest version:

Customizable Moving Average Type
MA Selection: Traders can now select the type of moving average applied to the Cumulative Volume Delta.

The available options are:
  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • Weighted Moving Average (WMA)
  • Hull Moving Average (HMA)

Dynamic MA Coloring: The moving average line now dynamically changes color based on its slope.

The color coding is as follows:
  • Green: Indicates positive slope
  • Red: Indicates negative slope
  • Black: Indicates flat slope

Technical Improvements
  • Optimized Performance: Code optimizations have been implemented to ensure smoother performance and faster rendering of the indicator on charts.
  • Improved Accuracy: Enhancements to the calculation logic for volume changes and cumulative totals provide more accurate and reliable readings.

Implementation Details
The update introduces a conditional logic structure to select the moving average type based on user input. This approach ensures that the indicator remains versatile across various trading styles and market conditions. By incorporating dynamic color coding for the slope of the MA line, the indicator now offers an additional visual representation for volume analysis.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions from the community.


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