EMA Options Clouds With Signals

EMA Clouds for Options!

This indicator can help you confidently open and close options positions. Note that you should set stop a little below midline EMA . Risk reward for good signals is fairly consistent in profit. Most of the simulations I ran got between 1:2 and 1:4 profits. The losers usually can be avoided by making sure you are not in a choppy trading channel. Wait for EMAs to start separating and don't blindly follow every buy/sell.

3 wave EMA + Clouds:
EMA 8/32/64

Signals (off by default - turn on in settings):
Buy Call/Sell Call (open/exit call positions)
Buy Put/Sell Put (open/exit put positions)

Enter signals bullish:
Close over Middle EMA AND Short EMA > Middle EMA > Long EMA

Exit signals bullish:
Close under Middle EMA OR trend turns bearish (Short EMA < Middle EMA < Long EMA )

Enter signals bearish:
Close under Middle EMA AND Short EMA < Middle EMA < Long EMA

Exit signals bearish:
Close over Middle EMA OR Short EMA > Middle EMA > Long EMA

Cloud Colors (Default)
Green: Bullish
Red: Bearish
White: Chop/Transition

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