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This indicator is inspired on the Smart Money Concepts indicator (Credits to @LuxAlgo) and it was optimized to show only the most relevant demand and supply zones (premium) on every time frame - but on higher time frames (1H and above) the zones are more relevant and stronger, meaning these zones can handle the price for longer time.

I've added a new feature that includes the Liquidity lines in order to add more confluence and importance to a demand or supply zone: when a demand or supply zone has strong liquidity (like weekly or monthly) next to it means that zone can be a strongest price target.

- Blue Line: Daily liquidity
- Yellow Line: Weekly Liquidity
- Purple Line: Monthly Liquidity

Main Features:
- Displays the most relevant demand and supply zones (green and red boxes) and which ones are strong and weak
- Displays the relevant change of character and break of structure
- Displays the previous day highest price and previous day lowest price
- Display imbalances between sell and buy orders (purple boxes)
- Displays the liquidity areas with lines on each point.
- It works for Forex and Cryptocurrency as well.


Este indicador é inspirado no Smart Money Concepts (Créditos para @LuxAlgo) e foi otimizado para mostrar apenas as zonas de procura e oferta mais relevantes em cada time frame - mas em time frames maiores as zonas são mais relevantes e mais fortes.

Adicionei uma nova funcionalidade que inclui as linhas de Liquidez de forma a adicionar mais confluência e importância a uma zona de procura ou oferta: quando uma zona de procura ou oferta tem forte liquidez (como semanal/linha amarela ou mensal/linha roxa) junto a ela significa que aquela zona pode ser um alvo de preço mais forte.

- Linha Azul: Liquidez diária
- Linha Amarela: Liquidez Semanal
- Linha Roxa: Liquidez Mensal

Principais características:
- Exibe as zonas de procura e oferta mais relevantes (zonas a verde e zonas a vermelho) e quais delas são fortes e fracas
- Exibe a mudança relevante de caráter e quebra de estrutura
- Exibe o preço mais alto do dia anterior e o preço mais baixo do dia anterior
- Exibe as imbalances entre as ordens de venda e compra (zonas a roxo)
- Exibe as zonas de maior liquidez através de linhas no gráfico
- Funciona tanto para Forex como para Criptomoedas
- Added the functionality to display the labels on the chart in English as well (besides Portuguese)
- Added the functionality to change the color of previous day prices
In this version I've added some customizations, such as:

- The ability to choose the color of demand and supply zones
- The option to hide the demand and supply zones, for those that prefer to keep the imbalances on the chart only.
- The option to show the internal structure changes.
Updated Version with new customizations available on the Settings.
Bug fixing from the last customizations update. Now all the demand and supply zones are being hidden correctly.
Bug Fixing.


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