Crypto Ichimoku

Ichimoku Cloud with settings recommended for crypto by trader IAmSatoshi. Includes a handy checkbox to double inputs, and alerts that can be set for when the price crosses the bottom or top of the cloud.

This script also includes an ichimoku signal count. The signal count is an UNWEIGHTED sum of positive or negative ichimoku signals with the greatest total being shown in either green(long>short) or red(short>long) or white(0, long==short). The signal count is only shown when their is a new signal or a signal is no longer valid.

If you use a major portion of the code please cite me. If you like the script and make a bunch of money using it, feel free to donate using the crypto addresses below.
  • BTC: 34uVepgjGJAKqf9i3mfdq8AG1dzTthjCgb
  • ETH: 0x71B15Beb6AF985853B5fC80205ddb3595C51B63e
  • LTC: MVzvSu53K5qPfjiQn4nk9D6WVLJKCMzXHJ
  • DASH: XoKVDBnhiyPvJeyRdpHjcWu1WtVjCbhP68
  • XMR: 46jnYGp7v5vCSAV8pzGXPbWM7YFiZNB4eaFCHsezitQ46KM1E6FgPM9ZaYJEfDVk5zdKoPQ7vw27ke34jMxERogvJDQhfQW

お気に入りスクリプトからの削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
How we should use this? when to buy and when to sell?
Vishiano EnriquePiatti
@EnriquePiatti, You can find more information on the Ichimoku trading system here or here. As far as this particular script goes, buy signals are shown in green and sell in red. The more buy/sell signals the higher the number. Just remember these are unweighted(you can read more on weighting them at kumotrader) and that higher timescale signals will overpower lower timescale signals.
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