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Jurik Smoothed Stochastic

The stochastic indicator has been long used by traders to identify inflection points in the price and to give a direction on Bullish and Bearish bias.

This indicator aims to improve on the plots the %K value smoothed using a Jurik Filter instead of a simple moving average . This allows for a more adaptive K value average price, whilst also providing superior smoothing to traditional moving averages.

As the Jurik Filter is a proprietary and non-open-source implementation, this script uses a common filters library implementation of Jurik MA which is a suitable proxy to the actual Jurik MA filter.

Big thanks to LastGuru for making his version freely available. You can find his version of the Jurik Filters in the credits section below.

%K is the Jurik Smoothed Version of the original Stochastic Formula

%D is calculated using the following formula. This idea was borrowed from John Ehler’s stochastic implementation and can be seen below:

%D = 0.05 + 0.95 * K


  • %K line, Overbought and Oversold level and Mid Line Level
  • Oversold / Overbought reversal indicators and signals - Shown in Red and Green
  • Bullish / Bearish Divergences – Including Hidden divergences to spot reversals and continuations of trend (Big thanks to the developers of the built-in RSI Divergence indicator) - Shown as below:
  • Bullish / Bearish crossover of %K with %D - Shown in Cyan and Fuschia
  • Alerts for all of the above conditions
  • Double Jurik smoothing mode - similar to slow Stochastic

Massive shoutout to the following scripts:
  • LastGuru JurikMA implementation (Common Filters Library)
  • Divergence Indicator – Built into TradingView and coded by TradingView Developers

This script is published as open source to allow for criticism, further development of this strategy and use by the community. Feel free to use this indicator/source code as you see fit.

Enjoy! :)
リリースノート: Include more visual options for plotting K and D together / disabling labels, and using dots rather than line color.

Big thanks to EltAlt, for these updates and visual improvements and his amazing work.

Credits :
リリースノート: Bug fix for buy cross / sell cross conditions

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