MTF Damiani Volatmeter v3.2

Damiani_volatmeter.mq4 v3.2 |
Copyright © 2006,2007 Luis Guilherme Damiani |

It is a transplant of an indicator to judge the range market price.
The original is judged by the two curves, but this indicator shows the difference between the two curves.
If it is 0 or less, it can be judged as a range.
The red and green lines show the strength of this hourly trend, and if the range is below zero, the background is painted red.
The blue and orange lines indicate the strength of the trend of the upper leg, and if the market price is below zero, the background is painted blue.
I think that the background color will be purple if the market price is both strong and below zero.

リリースノート: Changed the color painting method to trend. DV Color use trend color The previous MACD painting can be done with the option.
Green and blue mean uptrend and red and orange mean downtrend.
It is expected that there is a lot of hesitation because a considerable reaction speed was necessary for practical use.
The usage is assumed to be LONG for green and SHORT for red when Damani Volatmeter exceeds 0.

色の塗り方をトレンドに変更。DV Color use trend color オプションで前のMACD塗り分けにできます。
使い方は、Damiani Volatmeterが0を超えた時に、緑ならLONG、赤ならSHORTと想定しています
リリースノート: Added MACD (close) to DV color (change to default color)
Added signal line to check DV turning point

リリースノート: Fine adjustment of singnal line
singnal lineを微調整
リリースノート: Added option settings in detail

If DV is less than 0, it is premised on the range price.
It seems that you can use the signal line to understand the trend.
The trend is generated in the boxed area, so we recommend the trend. It's even better if you can wait until DV exceeds 0, but you might be able to fly.
The problem is how to determine the direction of the trend. Currently, it is good to use price action. As an indicator, the direction of MACD is displayed.
The part that is not enclosed by the square is the part where the trend is decreasing.

リリースノート: The update was not successful, so re-update
リリースノート: Organize options
Add MACD OS, donchian to color coating
色塗りにMACD OS,donchian追加
リリースノート: add alert
お気に入りスクリプトから削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加


This looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing
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