sma dipsparity and sdv

FXBTCJPY 1min contrarian script (2020/1/30)

If you want to use other timescale, need to change disparity rate and sdv.
To display disparity( sma ) and standard deviation, and to draw a hline(pine function) a certain valu . And lets think. I thought disparity rate 1~1.3 or -1~-1.3 are able to use constrarian trade (and sdv>600).

In bottom, disparity index is auxiliary. It is different from the multiple in the script to make the value easier to understand.

Sorry if the expiration date of the script has expired.
リリースノート: disparity's multiple, length and sdv are changed.(is it Curve fitting ?)
リリースノート: input_length and timeframe changed.
リリースノート: ・add comment
・sdv value changed
・made code easier to read

in addition, sorry to make a mistake title "dipsparity"→"disparity :(


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