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This script is an attempt to recreate the Periodic Volume Profile that is built-in by TradingView, with slightly different features. Related blog:

This script is based on another script "Volume Profile, Pivot Anchored" by @dgtrd

*Note that only limited number Volume Profile can be displayed on the chart due to limitations on displaying boxes and lines.

This Periodic Volume Profile (PVP) indicator allows trades to view volume profiles for periods longer than the current timeframe. The indicator builds one general volume profile for each new period, set by the user through the “Periodic Timeframe” input parameter.
This script also has the option to extend Point of Control (POC) lines with optional end conditions: Until Bar Touch, Until Last Bar, Until Bar Cross, or None, which extends to the right.
Signals are generated for Naked POC touches and crosses by a triangle symbol and a cross symbol, by default.
Alerts are available for POC touches and crosses.

What is Volume Profile?
Volume profile is a technical analysis tool that shows the volume of trades at different prices for a given security or market over a specific period of time.

Volume profile can be used to identify key levels of support and resistance, as well as to assess the overall supply and demand for a security. For example, if there is a high volume of trades at a particular price level, this may indicate that there is a significant level of support or resistance at that price. On the other hand, if there is relatively low volume at a particular price, this may indicate that there is not much interest in trading at that level.

Traders can use volume profile to identify trends, make trading decisions, and set stop-loss and take-profit orders. It can also be useful for identifying patterns such as "pockets of liquidity," which are areas where there is a high volume of trades but relatively little price movement.

It is important to note that volume profile should be used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and should not be relied upon in isolation. It is also important to consider the overall context and market conditions when interpreting volume profile data.

Key Difference with TradingView's PVP indicator - TradingView's PVP intraday period does not align with standard intraday timeframes as it is determined by # of bars. This script provides volume profiles that aligns with higher timeframe periods.

Fixed bug for daily, weekly, monthly periodic timeframe not displaying.
Fixed bug for weird line and background fills on developing profile.
Updated to add display toggle for developing profile
Added option to show extension of previous period VAH, VAL, and POC
Resolved bug - error on -1 historical reference
Fixed bug: For some combination of chart and periodic timeframe, volume profile was showing up between specified period.
Updated volume calculation to give more accurate volume estimation. Keep in mind that this indicator does not pull lower timeframe volume, hence volume bars on the profile is only an approximation.
Made same update to developing profile.
Fixed bug where each profile included 1 extra bar at the end of the period.
Fixed bug: zero line plot is shown if 'Show Developing Profile' or 'Show Previous POC, VAH, VAL' is disabled, when 'Scale Price Chart Only' option is disabled.
Updated Profile reset option to enable reset at the start of regular sessions.

By default, the Reset option is turned off. Volume Profile will carry forward from last session into the next session:

With reset option turned on, profile will reset at the start of the new regular session:
Per requests, adding POC, VAH , VAL paths. These settings can be found under "Show Developing Profile". Turning these ON will toggle POC, VAH, VAL levels off on the developing profile. This is to prevent overcrowding of lines.
Fixed bug - in some cases, while loop won't break causing runtime error.
Updated developing POC, VAH, VAL paths to break between periods.
Correcting minor bug from recent updates.
Added new profile placement option "Next period" that will place the volume profile after the end of the period. Example below:
Fixed bug on monthly profile.

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