Average Directional Index with DI Spread

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This indicator converts conventional triple lined ADX , DI+ and DI- into two lines. First line is the
original ADX line and second line is obtained by subtracting DI- from DI+ which named DI Spread(DIS)

If ADX is greater than 20 there is a trend and if greater than 40 there is a strong trend but ADX does not tell
the trend direction
To determine trend direction, DIS can be used with ADX ; Sımply; If DIS is greater than 0, it is an uptrend and If DIS
is less than 0, it is a downtrend.
To sum up;
If ADX is greater than 20 and especially greater than 40 with positive DIS value, this implies an uptrend.
If ADX is greater than 20 and especially greater than 40 with negative DIS value, this implies a downtrend.

*Because of coloration and reference levels used, this indicator is really simple and efficient to analyze trend direction.
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