JMA Fishnet

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This was originally an experiment to visualize support and resistance levels. It makes good chart art.

Original version by Check out everget's scripts at https://www.tradingview.com/u/everget/#p...
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This is awesome! Looks like my member icon. Is this a Jurik Moving Average derived script? I was originally guessing it used a tethered McGinley Dynamic at first... I have a near completion fishnet script I have yet to release. Anyways, I am fond of your work on this. I have a newly published sine and square wave generator freely available if you want to use that for transient response testing/evaluation of any moving averages you may create/modify. I couldn't find a square wave gen. on TV so I made one myself. Have a profitable future!
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jaggedsoft midtownsk8rguy
@midtownsk8rguy, yes, thank you friend and likewise :)
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