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Cumulative Delta of Open Interest Profile

This script lets you visualize where there were Open Interest build-ups and discharges on a price basis.
It only supports pairs where TradingView added the appropriate Open Interest data (at the time of posting that is only Binance and Kraken perpetual contracts)

The script uses my own functions to poll lower timeframe data and compile it into a higher timeframe profile. And as such, it needs some tweaking to adjust it to your timeframe until Tradingview lets me do it codewise (hopefully one day)

The instructions for using the Indicators are as follows:
Condition: How often a new profile should be generated
Sampling Rate and 1/Nth of the TF: These have to be calculated together to have a product that should correspond to the current timeframe in minutes. A few examples below

----------- Sampling - 1Nth of the TF
5 min ------- 5 --------------- 1
10 min ------ 10 ------------- 1
15 min ------ 5 --------------- 3
20 min ------ 10 ------------- 2
30 min ------ 10 -------------- 3
45 min ------- 9 -------------- 5
1 hour ------- 10 ------------- 6
4 hours ----- 10 -------------- 24
1 day -------- 10 ------------- 144

Transparency: This one is pretty self-explanatory but only applies to the Profile bars
% change for a bar: This one indicates how precise each bar will be, but if you go too low the script becomes too heavy and stop running
Bar limit: Limits the amounts of bars the script is run for (ae for the last 1000 bars). Lower = faster loading, too high will stop running
UI color: Color and transparency of the center line and the box surrounding the whole profile
Fixed the Inputs to make them easier for users


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