Cross Pair [NeoButane]

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Creates candlesticks of a cross pair of any symbol you want. Ideally both pairs would be denominated in the same currency.

The candlesticks are plotted, a close value is available to use for applying indicators on, and a label shows what is being used.

Options to configure are choosing the symbols, displaying the ticker without the exchange name, and removing wicks. If the exchange prefix is 'BATS', 'FRED', or 'TVC', it is automatically removed.

Added labels for percentage changes over a daily, weekly, or monthly period. The labels are colored according to a positive or negative move. It should be colorblind friendly so there is no input to change color.

Example of daily periods with $BTC / $YFI:

Example of weekly periods with $ETH / $XRP:

If you have a particular pair you view often, you can enter settings, click on the 'Defaults' button, and save as default.
Added text size input for the ticker text, changed the percent label style so it won't block the ticker, and fixed the removal of the exchange prefix when multiple coins are used from the same exchange.

Added yearly change.

My published indicators:

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