Greetings dear traders!

I would like to introduce you the script for testing the strategy by crossing two signal EMAs based on the MACD indicator.

In the strategy itself:
The entry is made as a percentage of the deposit by EMA crossings.

There are additional purchases, they are set from the entry price for a given percentage in the opposite direction of the transaction.

The distance in percentage from the entry price, on which the additional purchase is exposed, is set in the StepAddPurchases parameter.

The Martingale parameter increases the initially purchased amount of the base traded cryptocurrency in each additional purchase.

The essence of the strategy is to trade a large number of pairs in order to diversify risks and obtain a stable income.
It is desirable to enter each trading pair with a small percentage of the deposit.
The optimization result shows the trading result for the period of 5000 bars (the platform does not give more history) on 10% of the deposit for the first transaction, the addition will also take place on initially bought amount of base traded cryptocurrency, multiplied by the martingale parameter, raised by the number of addition.

The strategy will still be updated, so see you soon!


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