Pivot mtf semaphore support&resistance [LM]

Hello Traders,

I would like to introduce you pivot semaphore mtf support&resistance levels. The idea is the same as my other S/R scripts to have a look at the important levels. The Semaphore is used to spot future multi-level Supports and Resistance zones. It is also useful to spot HL or LL or HH or LH zones. The script is based on amazing work of @LucF so really big thanks for your work on mtf line offsetting.

It has three settings:
First two settings are for higher timeframes
Third setting is setting for pivots on current timeframe

!!!! Very important is there is limitation in pinescript how many candles you can look back(4999) if you choose timeframes that are very distant from each other there is a chance that those lines won't show up

Hopefully you will enjoy

Cheers, Lukas


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