Intraday Seasonality

Day trading trend filter indicator designed to hep get better entries or exits based on historical opens and closes each hour.

This indicator is NOT designed as an entry or exit signal. The purpose behind it is to give you statistical information about how likely certain times of day are either bullish , bearish or neutral and use that to confirm or reject other trading signals.

For example you might be anticipating a breakout based on your strategy or another indicator but see that the next few hours are usually bearish and re-evaluate entering the trade.

The Intraday Seasonality indicator calculates the percentage of candles per hour that had a higher close than open.

Default settings are:
- a look-back of 90 days.
- extreme bullish ( bright green) above 74%
-extreme bearish ( bright red) below 25%
- bullish (green) above 55%
- bearish (red) below 45%
- neutral (white) exactly 50%
- no trend (gray) 46% - 54%

All of these are updatable via the settings.

This indicator is designed to work only on the 1 hour timeframe.

To use the indicator set your local timezone offset in the indicator settings.

*Due to daylight savings and certain timezones changing throughout the year there is a timezone override in the indicator settings if the indicator doesn't pick up the correct local time.
リリースノート: Set default look back from 1 to 90 days


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