Moving Average Suite + VWAP + TICK

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This indicator combines some of the commonly used moving averages, VWAP, and TICK sentiment, all of which are useful for all types of trading
By default, this indicator includes:
- 21/50/100/200 period smoothed simple moving average
- great for determining trends
- also act as support / resistance line for price
- 9 period exponential moving average
- fast trend / direction indicator
- Volume Weighted Average Price
- no explanation required
- $TICK sentiment as background fill
- overall market sentiment and direction
- +/- 500 levels are colored green/red and are usually indication of institutional order flow --> critical for trading indexes such as SPY or QQQ
- deep green/red background indicates +/-1000 on the $TICK, which are usually associated with overbought or oversold
Added another EMA line
Added alert conditions for TICK

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