Singular and Cumulative Volume Delta (SVD+CVD)

This a Volume Delta indicator with Cumulative Volume Delta.

I have been studying Volume Delta and CVD trading strategies and indicator styles.

This implementation was developed to test a basic trailing window / oscillator approach.

Script has been republished as public and searchable.

Changelog from private era follows.

  • Jun 9 (2022)
    Release Notes:
    Added option to use EMA/SMA based cumulation. This will not scale well with singular data, so default view is still SUM.
  • Jun 9 (2022)
    Release Notes:
    Outdated comment correction.
  • Jun 9 (2022)
    Release Notes:
    Added default option to normalilze visual scale of MA cumulation types. The averaging creates a singular value sized results, instead of a range-sums. This multiples that candle result by the range length to get a range-sum sized result.
    Added option to scale the cumulation size relative to the volume size. 1-to-1 scaling creates singular deltas that can be hard to see with all options on. This allows you to beef them up for visual or weighting purposes.
  • Jun 15 (2022)
    Release Notes: * Added break even level for current delta. Tells where current delta must land for cumulative delta to stay flat.
    * Added comparison of historical cumulative levels to current level. The historical levels are the initial values going into current accumulation window.
    * Changed title of indicator to be more generic, clear, and searchable.
  • Jun 15 (2022)
    Release Notes: * Added option to have the cumulation cutoff line AFTER or OVER the end of the cumulation window. This change is to ensure the indicator clearly documents it's behavior and avoids confusion on this / last cumulation window semantics.
  • * Bugfix: Initial levels were pulled from cumulation line which was AFTER end of window. This has been changed to the initial values INSIDE the cumulation window.
  • * Code cleanup.
    June 17th (2022)
    Release Notes: Marked as beta because TV confirmed they no longer allow private scripts to be changed to public. (Despite lingering documentation that says otherwise.
  • June 17th (2022)
    Re-published as public.


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