Harris RSI

This is a variation of Wilder's RSI that was altered by Michael Harris .

  • The average change of each of the length's source value is compared to the more recent source value.
  • The average difference of both positive or negative changes is found.
  • The range of 100 is divided by the divided result of the average incremented and decremented ratio plus one.
  • This result of the above is subracted from the range value of 100

I have added some signals and filtering options with moving averages:
  • Trend OB/OS: Uptrend after above Overbought Level. Downtrend after below Oversold Level\n(For the traditional RSI OB=60 and OS=40 is used)
  • OB/OS: When above Overbought, or below oversold
  • 50-Cross: Above 50 line is uptrend, below is downtrend
  • Direction: Moving up or down
  • RSI vs MA: RSI above MA is an uptrend, RSI below MA is a downtrend

The signals I added are just some potential ideas, always backtest your own strategies.

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