UT Bot Strategy with Backtesting Range [QuantNomad]

UT Bot indicator was inially developer by @Yo_adriiiiaan
Idea of original code belongs @HPotter

I can't update my original UT Bot Strategy so I publishing new strategy with backtesting range included.

I just took code of Yo_adriiiiaan, cleaned it, deleted all useless pieces of code, transformet to v4 and created a strategy from it.
Also I added an input that allows you to swich to signals from Heiking Ashi. I saw that author uses HA for the indicator and on HA it look much nices then on real candles.
Do not add this strategy to HA candles, use usual candles and this checkbox.

Original script:

UT Bot
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the best configuration I found was using 1/6 on the 4h bitcoin chart. The biggest problem is the ranging market, but it apparently pays off well when the market is trending. but I have a doubt! I noticed that there is a big difference when using HA candles and normal candles in the chart, which apparently are false price signals since they have a filtered price. would the correct alert values ​​be the HA candle signals with the common candle chart?
@FranSkaf, I'm not big fun of HA candles myself, but I think they should work here. I'm using Ha values only for signals but calculate strategy on usual candles.
FranSkaf QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, but does the use of HA candles change the values ​​of the trades? at least in the backtest it creates unrealistic values. for the backtest, i tested eth in 1h, 2h 4h and 1d, from 01/01/2019 to 04/05/2020 with settings from 4/4 to 12/12 and found the most balanced values ​​in 8/7 1h. Eth was the coin with the best results in the top 15 coins
@FranSkaf, do you apply strategy to HA candles or you apply it to normal candles and then in parameters select to use Ha candles?
FranSkaf QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, normal candle and then i use the checkbox asking for signals. this is the right way to use your script? i make a few backtests by hand and find quite good results on btc 4h 6/15 and eth 2h 7/16. im running both by now
Hey buddy good job ,i will see how i can use this with my existing indicator for better thank you
Hi, I love your works! But I would like to report a little anomaly: the backtest only works for the year 2019, for longer periods no. The code looks well written, but I'm not a pine programmer ... so I'm not sure.
QuantNomad michele1375
@michele1375, What timeframe are you using? TV has some limitation number of bars in backtesting.
michele1375 QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, you are right! I am using it at 1H. If I use a greater time frame, for example 2H, the backtest works. Thank you
Looking Good! Will you be able to do Alerts in Pin4 for this? Thank you!
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