Using for found bolingerband walk.
リリースノート: Major update
Using BB and Fibonacci.
so, this tools character is changed.
Using for found bb wolk
Using for checking reversal point
Main Purpose is changed.
Detect for Band walk check to Dinapoli's single penetrations.
And then, Add's Envelope, change colors.
リリースノート: Change EMA169 to 144
Source code update
Add to Trade Assist

Delete PivotLine
リリースノート: Miner update.
Delete DMA.
Add EMA "Lines"(defolte do not use)
リリースノート: Miner update.
Add DMA3x3, MTF Ichimoku(default do not show, if need to use check in settings)
tradeassist upgrade accuracy.
リリースノート: Ichimoku cloud bug fix.
リリースノート: Miner update.(script optimized)
1 Envelope using ma is changed.( sma to ema )
2 This version be able to delete Bolinger band and Envelope.
3 Between EMA144 and EMA75, purple out.
リリースノート: Major update
- Add ATR Band
- EMA200 default on
- delete EMA cloud
- Default off BB
- Default off Fibonacci band
- Default off Envelope
- Coordination auto Long/Short identificator
リリースノート: Minor update
- adjustment ATR Band parameter
- EMA200 default on
- Script optimization
お気に入りスクリプトから削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加


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