Educational LTF -> HTF volume delta

This script shows 1 of several technique to gather volume delta
-> more explanation can be found in the script itself,

リリースノート: • Added volume labels for buy/sell volume
リリースノート: • update
リリースノート: • Update
リリースノート: Added some features for visibility enhancement

█ Settings -> 'Appearance'
• 'stack' (original) (Buy and sell volumes are stacked on each other -> no overlap)
• 'sell V -> column / buy V -> hist'
-> Not stacked on each other, sell V is displayed as a column, buy V as a histogram (tick line)
• 'buy V -> column / sell V -> hist'
-> Not stacked on each other, buy V is displayed as a column, sell V as a histogram (tick line)

In both 'non stacked' options, total V is visible in the background, in the 'stack' option the total volume
is not as visible, since both buy and sell V is stacked on top of each other, which IS the total V

リリースノート: Added extra option 'split' where up Volume is displayed above 0, dn Volume below 0,
together with ema's of both

リリースノート: This script is part of a collection of educational scripts
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