Multi Bar OHLC Compare Panel (Floating Grid)

Multi Bar OHLC Compare Panel by RagingRocketBull 2019
version 1.0

This indicator lets you compare OHLCV values from several specified bars. Bars can be dynamic/persistent.
You can also use it as an alternate OHLC panel if you don't like small font of the native TradingView panel.
It uses Pinescript v4 to output data dynamically as string labels in a horiz/vertical grid.

- Floating Panel with customizable horiz/vertical layout and grid spacing
- Support for up to 5 OHLC bars (highlighted with markers)
- Outputs Bar #/index, OHLCV, Bar Change Value/%, Exchange/Ticker, Timeframe, Timestamp strings
- Dynamic (fixed offset)/Persistent bars (fixed time)
- Show/Hide parts of strings
- Full output string customization, including text size, date/time format and delimiters
- 2 Anchor points for panel offset: cur bar high or range high
- Bar Change can change color

- specify at least 1 bar index as OHLC source
- select anchor point to position the panel
- select horiz/vertical grid layout
- adjust horiz/vertical spacing
- customize output strings as needed

- this indicator uses Pinescript v3 Compatibity Framework
- both bars 1,2 are required for log scale adjustment to work
- you can't attach the panel to screen's top/bottom and must use offset/anchor because, unlike plotshape, string labels don't support yloc=yloc.top/bottom, only yloc.above/belowbar
- you can't precisely align strings in a grid because there's no label.get_width/height to calculate mid/left points, only get_x/y/text. Alignment will break depending on string length, zoom and change color option on/off
- bar change is rendered as a separate label when change color is enabled (2 panels total) and merged into the main panel when disabled (single panel)
- you can't change the order of strings as playing with the natural order of things isn't the best of ideas
- you can modify the script to compare up to 50 OHLC bars, but do you need that much power? Of course, you do.
- you can't set color/style for string labels in Style UI, so a few extra settings were added.
- bar index is limited to 5000 for free accounts (10000 for paid), will show an error when exceeded, also when it exceeds the total number of bars in history
- in persistent bars mode all bars with index > 0 are considered persistent, bar 0 always remains a dynamic bar
- persistent bars' offset is reset: in replay mode on exit or when price reaches cur bar, or when panel layout is changed from h to v in both replay/realtime modes
- initial pos of each persistent bar relative to the first realtime bar anchor doesn't change during session - new persistent bars introduced during session are attached to the most recent cur bar anchor

P.S. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen

リリースノート: Multi Bar OHLC Compare Panel by RagingRocketBull 2019
version 2.0

Changes in ver 2.0:

- 10 OHLC bars
- removed max_bars_back=5000 => error: too large total max_bars_back 550022 max 300000 allowed
- tuple delimiter
- ticker label
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Added support for 10 OHLC Bars:
nice work:)
RagingRocketBull RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, thank you, Rafael
screens for reference:

horiz layout

vertical layout

customizable font, color, strings
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