Main Market Opener Breakout [RH]

HasanRifat アップデート済   
Based on my observations while analyzing the crypto and forex charts, particularly BTCUSDT and EURUSD, I have noticed that the prices exhibit significant movements during most stock market sessions, particularly during New York main market session.
With the aim of capturing these moves, I embarked on extensive research. Through this research, I discovered that by considering the very first "15m" or "30m" candle of the main market trading session and marking that first candle's high and low points, we can create potential trigger points.
A break above the high point indicates a bullish signal, while a break below the low point suggests a bearish signal. To further refine our analysis and filter out some noise, we can incorporate the Average True Range (ATR) value of that candle.

Candle time is very important here. We will mark the candle when the actual trading begins in New York stock exchange. The trading hours for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) typically begin at 9:30 AM and end at 4:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), Monday through Friday. This is known as the "NYSE Regular Trading Session." However, it's important to note that there are also pre-market and after-hours trading sessions that occur outside of these core hours. We will not consider these pre and after-hours.

First break-above and break-below is marked automatically and alerts are also available for first breaks.

I have also added the option to add the, London Stock Exchange Main Market and Tokyo Stock Exchange Regular Trading Session. You can add those sessions also and test with different symbols.

Stocks symbols from different stock exchanges just mark the very first candle of the day(main market trading session).

Alerts are available.
Alert name correction
Optimized for lower timeframes, such as 1 minute (1m) and 2 minutes (2m), etc.

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