Bollinger Bands Width + %B + Vol. + Intraday Idx Alma var [DM]

Greetings Colleagues here I published another script of the series "Alma Variant"
This script incorporates four different standard signals from Bollinger Band Book.
Bollinger Band Width. Line blue
Bollinger Band %B . Line gray
Intraday intensity Index “normalized using log( volume )”. Oscillator line in the middle of the indicator with decision color green = buy, red=sell, purple=na
Bollinger Band Volume “normalized, decreased to 20% and limited to 100”
Bollinger Band (%B) Alert Level with your switch
Bollinger Band (Width) Alert Level with your switch
BB ( Volume ) Alert with your switch
Individual ma settings
All alerts can be adjusted
The color of the Intraday intensity index background and lines help you decide on your volatility breakout direction
The background color has been conditioned to smoothed X periods for the accumulated volume above the alert level, Intraday Intensity Index direction and %B direction.
I recommend for the use of this indicator to first read John Bollinger's book to understand the usefulness of each of the signals and their configuration to execute the orders.
リリースノート: Added the ability to amplify Bollinger bandwidth


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