Sup/Res Levels [QuantVue]

QuantVue アップデート済   
Shows basic pivot point of support and resistance levels. Will show alerts for break of sup. or res. Allows for a volume filter for sup. res. breaks as well.

"B" means break of either a Sup. or Res. level with volume greater than the threshold.
"Bull/Bear Wick" means bullish/bearish candle on break.

Left - number of bars left hand side of the pivot .
Right - number of bars right hand side of the pivot .
Volume Thres. - the threshold value (%) for the Volume.

This indicator is useful to filter our insignificant breaks of sup. or res. Can help trader determine when to sit on their hands, or enter a trade.
Updated the script from Version 4, to Version 5 of Pinescript.
Changed source code name to QuantVue and edited title.

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