Steel Step Assistant: Trend Visualizer + Market Flow 1.0

This is a market flow signal indicator. Flow with the market and you will find yourself in good hands.
This indicator simply gives you a signal of the RIGHT time to follow a market trend/direction. The indicator is designed with Steel Step strategy rules for determining directions.
It calculates and provides the most market direction signals within a particular period of time.
It also gives a relatively accurate signal of trend reversals. Being an indicator, it is prone to a certain extent of inaccuracy. It is programmed to provide an accurate market direction/flow to the best of its abilities.
Always remember that the Steel Step strategy does not rely on indicators to trade.

The trend visualizer is an ordinary table that shows you trends in different time frames.

This indicator can be used on all charts and markets; crypto, commodities, forex, stock, indices, etc.
It is suitable for intra-day traders.

One way of using this is to enhance your information gathering on trends in order to understand the market structure or direction better.
This indicator helps educate users on the market structure. Users can quickly break down the market into layers, analyze the layers and connect them all to understand the market as a whole. After users understand the market, users need to decide and choose a specific trend they want to trade. The basic idea is to flow with the market.
This indicator can be combined with EW theory to understand the market structure easily.
When I understand the whole market structure, it boosts my trading performance to the maximum.

According to the Steel Step strategy, this indicator is designed to show the trend "one layer" above "the current TF layer". This method has been tested to enhance accuracy. This may sound confusing to some of you. You can find educational materials about the layer logic from my Steel Step strategy.
Find the instructions on how to view signals below.

To view signals/set signal alerts:
- To view 15min signals, use 3min chart
- To view 1H signals, use 15min chart

A second version to include more time frame layers and trends will be published soon. Look forward to it!

Please comment below or message me if you have any questions. Enjoy!

*Nobody should use this indicator as a confirmation signal for entry/exit for your trades. Please message me on how to use this indicator correctly. This indicator was designed to be used in conjunction with my Steel Step strategy, hence the name.

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