Volatility Weighted Moving Average

Volatility Weighted Moving Average (VAWMA) :

The Volatility Weighted Moving Average is a short and long term trend filter that weightes asset price buy "volatility significance" (percentages of total volatility over specified period) unlike that of the WMA which formulates an average based on the product of asset price and a deceding period significance . The result is a less noisy average which weights price based on its potential significance in trend, VAWMA tends to price when volatility is high and conversaly tends away from price when volatility is low.

Example :

As seen above the VAWMA tends to price more than both the SMA and EMA. The high volatility weightings allow for the VWMA to act as a potential trailing stop.

Dynamics :
- symbol volatility watchlist, change the ticker and corrosponding exchange to watch volatility over other markets.

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