Rectified BB% for option trading

This indicator shows the bollinger bands against the price all expressed in percentage of the mean BB value. With one sight you can see the amplitude of BB and the variation of the price, evaluate a reenter of the price in the BB.
The relative price is visualized as a candle with open/high/low/close value exspressed as percentage deviation from the BB mean
The indicator include a modified RSI, remapped from 0/100 to -100/100.
You can choose the BB parameters (length, standard deviation multiplier) and the RSI parameter (length, overbougth threshold, ovrsold threshold)
You can exclude/include the candles and the RSI line.

The indicator can be used to sell options when the volatility is high (the bollinger band is wide) and the price is reentering inside the bands.
If the price is forming a supply or demand area it can be a good opportunity to sell a bull put or a bear call
The RSI can be used as confirm of the supply/demand formation

If the bollinger band is narrow and the RSI is overbought/oversold it indicate a better opportunity to buy options
the indicator is designed to work with daily timeframe and default parameters.

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