Session Bar Color (US Time)

This script is designed to change the color of bars on a trading chart based on different trading sessions in Eastern Time (ET). It is different from currently published scripts in that it specifically focuses on US time sessions and provides a customizable approach to defining and coloring each session.

To use this script, you can apply it to a chart by selecting it from the list of available indicators or overlays.

The script is meant for traders who are interested in visualizing different trading sessions on their charts. By coloring the bars based on session boundaries, it can help traders quickly identify session changes and potentially adjust their trading strategies accordingly. Mostly it's used to draw the high and low zones of each session.

The markets this script is suitable for are those that operate within the US time zones, as it specifically focuses on Eastern Time (ET) sessions. It can be used for various types of markets, including stocks, futures, and forex.

The conditions for each session are defined using the input. session function, which allows you to specify the start and end times for each session. The script includes four sessions: Asian, London, USA, and New York. By modifying the defval parameter for each session input, you can customize the session times to fit your specific trading preferences or time zone.

The script uses the time function to check if the current bar falls within a particular session. If the condition is met, it sets the color of the bar using the bar color function. Each session is assigned a different color: black for the Asian session, teal for the London session, a custom RGB color (dark red) for the USA session, and red for the New York session.

It's important to note that this script assumes the time zone of the trading platform is set to "Etc/GMT+4" to align with Eastern Time (ET). If your platform uses a different time zone, you may need to adjust the time function calls to match your desired time zone.

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