Moving Average Continuity [QuantVue]

"Moving Average Continuity," is designed to compare the position of two Moving Averages (MAs) across multiple timeframes.

The user can select three timeframes and determine the length and type of both a fast and slow moving average.

The indicator will display a small table in a user selected location.

This table helps traders quickly determine if, for their selected timeframes, the faster moving average is trending above or below the slower moving average.

The “Moving Average Continuity” indicator can also send you three types of alerts;

1. All moving averages are aligned bullish
2. All moving averages are aligned bearish
3. Moving averages are mixed

Key Features:

1. Timeframes: The user can select up to three distinct timeframes to compare the moving averages.
2. Moving Average Inputs: For each MA, users can determine:
• Length of the MA
• Type of the MA - Options include EMA (Exponential Moving Average), SMA (Simple Moving Average), HMA (Hull Moving Average), WMA (Weighted Moving Average), and VWMA (Volume Weighted Moving Average).
3. Positioning: Users have the ability to adjust the table's positioning (top, middle, or bottom) and horizontal alignment (right, center, or left) on the chart overlay.
4. Runtime Error Prevention: The indicator will throw an error if the chart's timeframe exceeds the maximum selected timeframe, ensuring that comparisons are done correctly.

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