[NLX-L1] Noise Filter

- NLX Modular Trading Framework -

This Noise Filter is build upon a logic of Hurst Exponent and MA-ATR %-Distance to Price and does a great job at filtering choppy trades and noise.
The Hurst Exponent will analyze a time series and determine whether it is a geometric Brownian motion, mean reverting or trending and effective at filtering out whipsaws.

- Getting Started -

1. Add the Noise Filter to your Chart
2. Add one of my Indicator Modules to your Chart, such as the QQE++ Indicator
3. Select the Noise Filter in the Indicator Settings
2. Add the Backtest Module to your Chart
3. Select the QQE Indicator in the Backtest Settings

- Alerts for Automated Trading -

This module is coming soon and you will be able to create alerts for the QQE Signals as part of my framework.
See my signature below for more information.
リリースノート: Update v1.1
  • Can be now applied to any indicator to remove noisy signal
リリースノート: Update v1.2
- Now a L2 module, so you can filter signals better from other L2 indicators

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