Stochastic Candles

A series of up to 28 stochastics oscillators used to form an average stochastic value, which is then used to colour the candles based on the momentum.
Each candle can be coloured one of ten colours and each one represents a position on the stochastic oscillator.
The indicator helps traders to visualise the momentum and helps trend following.


MA: multiple smoothing methods
Theme: multiple colours
Increment: stochastic length start and increments
End: stochastic length end
Smooth: smooth stochastic
リリースノート: Updated colours and default plotNumber.




awesome! sell the red buy the blue
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do you have live chart?
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Violent Msparky
@Msparky, free indicator template can be found at
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@Violent, what settings have you used for EMA Ribbion?
I have shared this on my group , it looks interesting . Thank you
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It is very useful idea, thanks for sharing.
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Just to let you know, this is & your Stoch ribbon are ace. I use for my forex charts. Works well and colourful. Thank you for your kindness at making these free! Trade safe.
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Settings for heatmap style candles are:

Theme: Theme3
Start: 3-14
End: 21-28
Smooth: 1-2
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HowardLee Violent
@Violent, I was wondering if its possible to update one of the theme to the heatmap style
I tried going in and changed from what you said, but it doesn't look very smooth

Thanks for this awesome script btw!!
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This is outstanding... thank you for sharing, I appreciate it.
Probably a dumb question, but does the candle change color at close, or can it change before close? Is there any element of repainting with this also?
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